Wednesday, July 2, 2014

JzP and Jazz

Wednesday means the JzP farmers market. (As does Friday and Saturday..). I have found that I have way more money for nice restaurants, trips, and such by shopping at the farmers market. Julie and I both bought ALL of our groceries for 2 dollars each! Including apricots, cherries, cucumbers, tomatoes, dried fruit..etc etc. its insane how cheap and delicious it is. Thank god for having this up the street. (really really far up, it might be the steepest street in the world, but still) I finally introduced Olivia and Claire to Secret of Raw, realizing it is both really nice and super embarrassing that I know half the staff and also that the “summer menu” started the previous day. Still, I am very at home in my neighborhood. After lunch, Julie and I headed to ISA to plan our trip to Budapest and Vienna, as well as I communicated with Jamie and Margaret. Lesson of the day: Plan in advance and USE THE BUS Seriously, I could not regret not solidifying my trips before leaving, or within the first week, more than I do right now. You should have seen our faces as we marched over to the ticket counter at Hlvani 
Nadrazi, only to find that taking the train would cost over $500. Heading back to ISA for a second time, with Tamara’s assistance we translated websites and booked bus tickets. I cannot believe how much I still have to do for my post-Prague plans but am also getting so excited for everything to come. I seriously do not think I could be happier!! After the gym and some delicious take out from Masala, we headed to AghaRTA, a famous jazz club in Old Town. I LOVE live jazz, at least from my experiences in France and New Orleans, and was super excited. While it differed from the Nawlins soul Marj and I saw or the big  band dancing hall Nicole and I visited in Paris, the smooth jazz in this underground café was a perfect way to hang after a rainy Wednesday. Eric, Zach, Julie and I split a bottle of red wine and sat there for 2 of the 3 shows, staying over 2 hours! I really want to see one more show when I am here, and cannot wait for the outdoor concert  festival that happens towards the end of our trip! After dinner, we went to Bugsys, which truly is a great location after a cultural “night on the town” like ballet or jazz. 

I think today would mark the beginning of me transitioning from doing a million different things in Prague to instead wanting to just live my life here. I have a hard time with feeling like I should be making the experience as fulfilling as possible, but sometimes that means just doing the things I have to do and instead appreciate where I am rather than running around to make sure I see all of it. Now that I have done many things on my bucket list, I am excited to be able to continue to explore Prague but in an unhurried way.

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