Friday, July 18, 2014

Nicole is back!

It is crazy to think that we are already preparing to leave. This entire day was spent in meetings with ISA, buying items for backpacking,(try finding Birkenstocks in Prague, I dare you) and packing. Eeek! While I cannot wait for the second leg of this trip, I am in no way ready to leave Prague. Luckily, to distract me from thinking about this too much, Nicole and Amanda came back from their own backpacking trip! Wanting to see what the hype was about, Nicole pushed for Secret of Raw for dinner. As a hot-food loving carnivore, I was shocked by how well she did. We then continued the Secret of Raw tour with Sweet Secret of Raw, which held its title as the best dessert shop in Prague. Coming back to retrieve Bri and Julie, we headed to Riegrovy Sady, joining the Czechs on the hillside overlooking the entire city. Julie and I opened our wine from the French shop up the street. 

It was truly a Zizkov night, from dinner, to the view, even to the drinks. I was so happy to hang with my oldest and newest friends and will definitely miss the view of this park. Coming home, I finally finished the difficult task of packing my suitcase to send home with my Bee, leaving me with just what could fit in my backpack for almost a full four weeks. I cannot believe that I will be spending the rest of my summer with two pairs of leggings, two pairs of workout shorts, three pairs of shoes, and so on…but I am also excited for the challenge. We shall see how this works out…

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