Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our Weekend In the Countryside

Friday we left bright and early for Moravia, or the southern region of the Czech republic that is known for its wine. First stop was the caves. These were really cool, and very different of other caves I had seen before. We then made it it Mikulov, a veryyy small town. It was incredibly quaint! Olivia, Claire, Steph, Julie, and I had a very characteristic Czech dinner. 
Afterwards, we met with the rest of the group for wine tasting. This was sooo much fun. We learned all about the Ryzlink(Riesling) that was characteristic specifically to Moravia (cheers to you, Christie) and tried a few types along with some Gran Moravia cheese, and local ham and bread. We then headed back to town to a cafĂ© that sold the wine we had tried, getting gifts and sampling a few other kinds. Julie, Claire, Olivia, Eric, and I found a table on the roof overlooking the town. With jazz music in the background, great Moravian wine, and the rest of the Gran Moravia cheese that we may or may not have taken home from the wine tasting, it was a really nice night. In the morning, I woke up early(look at this maturity) to go and climb a nearby “fortress” with Claire and Olivia. The views from the top were phenomenal. 

The Czech countryside is so pretty! We then all went to Lednice, a nearby palace. It was a beautiful building, and all of my hopes and dreams were fulfilled with Julie knocking on a door and singing “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” like the little Ana she is. From there we went back to Prague, but it was a wonderfully peaceful weekend and a nice change from our city living! Upon coming back to Prague, Julie and I met Hailey for dinner at The Tavern. It was delicious, very much resembling The Pharmacy in Nashville. Afterwards, I had to introduce Hailey to Secret of Raw, so we headed back home for some raw chocolate cake. I will seriously miss that place… 

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