Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Field Trips Galore

Class was fully outside of the classroom today! Of course, right after I pulled a muscle in my knee, but nonetheless fun J For Jewish studies we headed to the Jewish quarter, and I especially found interest with the Spanish synagogue and the cemetery. While the one by my apartment is quite eerie, it has nothing on the main one. To think that the population of an entire football stadium is fit in that tiny area is more than shocking. Also, the Spanish synagogue was one of the most beautiful interiors of any church, synagogue, or mosque, I think I have ever seen anywhere in the world. Next, in Art and Architecture, we headed to look at Renaissance painting in a museum where our professor was the curator. I really am curious as to who exactly Josef is…really no one quite like him..haha. Still, I am beyond excited for a future class- 
I cannot wait to see the Cerny artwork!!! After class I headed back to Fittop and then rushed to the game. Lesson of the day: Actually follow the World Cup. If you happen to be lucky enough to be in Europe during this time, it is a waste to ignore it. We were not prepared enough to have gotten a table at a good pub, but thankfully found some space at Chapeau Rouge. Next game, I think we are going back to what we know best and attempting to find a table at the beer garden. Later that night, Claire and I – the lone Seifertova residents home – decided to go out together and headed to Déjà vu, which I have never been to before…or maybe I have…(that ones for you Dad). We ended the night with finally caving in to my favorite street food, doner kebab (that one is for you Mom). Another perfect day in Praha!

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