Monday, July 21, 2014

Day 2: Exploring Munich

We woke up early for breakfast before our tour. Aroma kaffebar was our destination of choice, and it definitely didn't disappoint. This was an adorable cafe, with awesome omelets, gummies(what?) and even a social enterprise aspect! I was in love, and Jamie was in love with the fact that there were flowers in our eggs, and it was a wonderful morning.
Shades of love, featured at Aroma!

After, we went to mairenplatz to wait for our bike tour. We happened to be there during christopher street day, which is a gay pride festival, and there were tons of things to see! At 11, we even caught the glockenspiel, which, in my opinion, was more overrated than the astronomical clock. Still, marienplatz itself was absolutely beautiful! 

Our bike tour was also phenomenal. Mikes bikes is suchhh a great program. Our guide was hilarious and it was a really fun/informational day. We saw many of Munich's sights and were able to have lunch in a beer garden in the English garden. Wow, is German food heavy. While it was delicious, I am definitelyyy ready to get out of Central Europe to try some different local food! When the tour ended, Jamie and I decided to go back to the English garden. I had never seen anything like this before. First of all, there is a part at the top where people SURF across the entrance of the river where the water falls down like a wave. apparently this has been going on since the 70s and it is so cool to watch. 
From a little further down, you can actually float down the river like a natural lazy river ride. When we were bike riding, it was 95 degrees and it seemed as if the whole city was in the river. After a big rain storm and a serious change of temperature, Jamie and I counted 3 people in the water over the course of an hour or so. Still, we had gone back and changed for this. We had talked about it alllll day. And so, after weighing our options back and forth, we went for it. It was FREEZING but hilarious and totally worth it! 
^This is so embarrassing but the fear/frostbite was so legitimate

That night, we went to dinner at Hamburgergei, which was equally awesome. All day, I was freaking out over the spottedbylocals app. Without needing internet, it tells you all of the cool local spots surrounding you. It is so ideal for quick travel when you don't have time to learn about a city and it definitely proved itself today. Exhausted, we crashed immediately. It was a great day!

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