Sunday, July 13, 2014

Kampa and Coffee Shops

First plan on our free day, head to the zoo! We started out for Prague 7, traveling past it to the end of the earth, where the zoo was located. This was a bit of a frustrating morning for me..upon arrival we realized that the zoo was actually situated on a mountain. Something that has not seem blog worthy in recent posts, about two weeks prior I hyperextended my knee pretty badly, meaning no running and some trouble walking down big inclines. This had slowly developed into me having a hard time walking pain-free almost anywhere, something I tried to blatantly ignore. However, staring up at the zoo, I physically reached my limit. While I was 
more than upset to have my abroad experience hindered by something as stupid as this, I have come to the conclusion that it did not hinder my experience but slightly adjusted it. Without ability to run around the zoo, I headed to Kampa Island to relax my leg in some sunlight and then meet Claire at the Kampa Museum. This forced time to sit back and just take in the city was wonderful. The Kampa museum was also very cool, with all kinds of interesting modern art situated in a great gallery right on the river. After this, I headed home to truly rest my leg, leaving again only to find myself some tea and a cool coffeeshop nearby on this rainy night. Realizing I would seem insane spending any more time at SOR, I headed past the closed CafĂ© Pavlac and found my way to a coffeeshop which I believe is called Pracovna but lacks any real indication of a name. This tiny, all-white space appeared to be a popular meeting space, as at least two dozen Czechs were bent over the computers in groups. With only a one person table available, I found myself tomato soup for less than a dollar and stayed blogging for at least two hours. Honestly, I could not imagine a more relaxing night! 

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