Friday, July 18, 2014

Bukowskis Tuesday take 2

Class allowed me time to sort out my final week in Prague. It is crazy to think that I can count all the days on one hand…Getting out of class early, I decided to wander around before a doctors appointment. Walking around Mala Strana, I found my way to Cukrkavalimonida (literal translation: Sugar, Coffee, Lemonade) a cute cafĂ©, as well as other nearby shops and stands. If there is one thing I will miss about Europe, it will definitely be wandering with only one intention, find a nice kavarna to relax before continuing to wander.  On my way back to the tram stop, I passed a cute park, and was so taken by how pretty it was I walked backwards to look again. Right as my leg was killing me, I found the best place to rest. Vojanovy sady is SO overrated. For the first time in my life, I just sat, by myself, and enjoyed it. No phone, ipod, or book, I was still blissfully happy. It is beautiful! Everyone should go there! Afterwards, I headed to my doctors appointment. Lesson abroad: Go to the doctor RIGHT when you need to. 4 weeks after a stupid running injury, I found myself limping to the chiropractor. This is totally stupid, swallow your pride and just go to the doctor! However, I had another successful adventure finding my way to the suburbs and hopefully will feel a lot better before my bigger travels(lets hope!). Coming home, I scarfed down my delicious Fruta Pura dinner ($2 for premade quinoa and tofu, or lentils and corn, etc…legitimately Whole Foods for the price of McDonalds…can this be America too?!) as Julie practically danced circles around me trying to get me to hurry up and leave for Bukowskis. It was, after all, Tuesday, as in, free sangria for all girls starting at 7 pm! We arrived promptly (well, promptly for us) at 7:30 to see plenty of pitchers lining the bar. It is an odd thing, to go to a bar that is only an open bar for women. But hey, not complaining in the slightest. We met Lisa, and were later joined by Bri and Vratislav as well! It was a really nice night to just chill out with friends.

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