Wednesday, July 16, 2014

French friends, french wine, french food...

Thursday I woke up with a TON of stuff to do. Not to fear, “stress” in Europe can be very easily solved by a warm café on a rainy day, ginger tea, a hot meal, and Café Pavlac’s awesome soundtrack. I had such a relaxing morning, and I will certainly miss these when I am traveling! Julie and I then went to meet Maxime and Victor. Coincidentally, the “7th Annual French Festival” happened to be occurring during their trip to Prague. Lesson of the day: Check online for cool events happening during your stay! We headed to Kampa to check this out and found ourselves in a very crowded market offering all kinds of wine, cheese, and other delicacies. While this was hilariously stereotypical for Maxime and Victor, it was great for Julie and I to have them to point out things to try(like great cider from Normandy). We decided on a bottle of red, a plate of mixed cheese, and some quiche. Finding an open bench in Kampa overlooking the river we sat down to enjoy an afternoon in the park. I could not come up with a more perfect afternoon! Life is good!

After this, we decided to head to Vysehrad, the old, ornate cemetery we had been meaning to go to. Heading down to Prague 2, we started our climb up to the top of Vysehrad and upon reaching the top found an incredible view of the entire city, with the sun setting over the castle in the background. Wow. Who knew? I had no idea that there was even going to be a view, and it was great luck that we were there at a time where we could show off the characteristic, rosy glow of Prague. We sat on the walls of Vysehrad for a while, so long, in fact, that the cemetery closed before we got there. Traveling back to old town, we went to Dlouha for a quick drink. Walking home with Maxime, I was reminded by all of the times four years ago Maxime would walk me back. It was weird to juxtapose my 2011 self to now, but also amazing to think that we have stayed friends over all of that time. It was great to catch up and I am so glad we were able to see each other again! 

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