Monday, July 21, 2014

Day 1: Prague to Munich

Saying a sad goodbye to my wonderful apartment on Seifertova, I headed down to the H.L stop for the last time, this time heading to the real train station rather than the metro or tram. In typical fashion, I was running absurdly late, and quickly realized both my timing and wearing leggings on a 95 degree day were both horrible ideas. Somehow,  I ran onto my train at exactly 1:12 with 3 minutes to spare. I found myself sitting in the middle of two traveling duos. The guy to my left started the train ride with "omg I know you!" ...I didn't know him...I tried racking my brain: "did we meet in Prague?" "No! We met at Princeton for model UN!" THANK YOU, random stranger, for already pulling out the dorkiest event in my life as my first impression. Still, this was so bizarre! So, so bizarre. I spent this leg and the next with the other pair, best friends from LA who were traveling for 5 weeks. 7 hours on a train, and I know neither of their names, but essentially everything else about them, down to the fact that the one on my right is number 41 on his Norwegian football team, or that the one across from me had a volleyball scholarship and now is a real estate agent. It's weird how much information you learn in transportation, but it's also so transient that I will never know their names, or ever see them again. I find this entire concept so interesting, the depth and longevity could not be more opposite. Still, I had no water, food, or euros (smooth dana) and they offered their bottles, helped spot my dinner(thank you for the €3 in coins claire it almost got me there), and saved my seats when I had to pee. Train friends are really nice to have. Anyway, finally getting to Munich after a 2 hour delay, I was relieved to learn my hotel was nearby, as was Jamie, my cousin who I hadn't seen in way too long. Heading to my room, I heard down the hall, "she was supposed to be here forever ago I'm freaking out!!" I pounded on the door dramatically and jumped on my dear little James. It was GREAT to see her. We quickly left for dinner, finding a cute vegan place around the corner. I don't know why this is becoming a thing for me, but I'm really getting into it haha. My salad and her soup were both great! Given how tired we were we called it a night right after. Not too shabby of a travel day! 
Free appetizers to start the trip off right!

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