Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Copenhagen pt 2

Kings Gardens!
Today was a lazy day, and it was absolutely perfect. Sleeping in, I woke up to Melissa and Colleen coming in with groceries for breakfast. Lesson of the day: Learn about the cost of living in different countries before choosing where you go abroad. While Copenhagen seems like an absolutely incredible place, I could not imagine studying abroad there for a full semester, simply because of the cost of living. The food and drinks are so expensive that as an American it makes it very difficult to eat out. This was awesome for me, because I finally got some great home cooked food courtesy of Melissa and then later by Adam. But generally speaking, this is not something that I didnt think about at all when looking to study abroad. Actually, I was extremely lucky to select the cheapest location of popular study abroad destinations without even realizing it. Either way, there are pros and cons to every location, but I was surprised by how the experiences differed solely because of this.

Anyway, lounging on a Sunday with my best friends, eating good, healthy food, was perfect. Colleen and I decided to go out for a little, walking to the Kings Gardens as well as Tivoli. Copenhagen is unbelievably beautiful, super clean, and generally looks like a fairy tale. Later that night, we all pitched in for “family dinner”, 
Finally found some licorice!

with Adam leading the venture with pesto breaded chicken, accompanied by Melissa’s rice, Colleens broccoli, and Kyle and my salad/dessert. It was a great dinner, followed by awesome Turkish delights that Melissa brought back from her trip to Istanbul. (How did I go to Istanbul and never try these delicious things?!?!?). Kyle had been in London until earlier that afternoon, and we went on a walk so I could learn how to get back to the train station. It was great to be able to catch up and walk around. It was really great that I was able to spend quality time with everyone there, as I wasn't even expecting to see Kyle at all! Again, the daylight tricked me, as we got back around 10:30 and it did not seem like it was even 5. The entire trip was wonderful and I cannot believe I was lucky enough to see so many friends so much over the course of studying abroad! 

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