Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Muj, Cerny, ideal day

While I have made a point to try every possible coffeeshop in the entirety of Prague, there was one major one that I had yet to sample. Muj Salek Kavy, located in Karlin, was just far enough away to have slipped through the cracks. Today was the MSK day. It was a nice morning, so I decided to walk, making my way through my part of Prague 3 to this undiscovered neighborhood. I was both incredibly happy and sad once there. This is, in my opinion, by far the best café in Prague. London Fog, my favorite drink at Thistle Stop in Nashville, was right on the menu with the option for soy milk! A half liter of water was only 10 crowns, with all proceeds going to, and classic American rock music played quietly in the background. I became immersed in my work, mouthing the words to classics from my childhood and enjoying my favorite drink. How did I never come here before?! Soon after, Olivia and Claire joined me for lunch, which was equally awesome. We stayed in this coffeeshop alllll afternoon, and it was perfect. 
Finally realizing that I should probably move around, I continued my day with a solo expedition to tour Cerny artwork. David Cerny, who I have mentioned before, is the quirky Czech artist whom I absolutely love. Anything that causes a reaction, you can bet is Cerny. While In Utero and the TV Tower have become part of my day to day life, there were many Cerny pieces I had yet to see. First, I headed to Lucerna(yes the 90s club) through the arcade to Horse(which may or may not resemble a certain other statue). 
From there, I cut through a park to Narodni Trida to find Hanging Man, a sculpture of Sigmund Freud a few stories in the air. 

Following that street for a quick stop in Krazy Zraty, a student café(not as good as MSK, but still very cool) I made my way to the ultimate Cerny work(in my opinion), Piss, which shows two men with moving bodies peeing on the Czech Republic. Apparently this actually spells something in the water. By far, this is the weirdest public fixture I have ever seen. From there, I wandered around Mala Strana, trying to appreciate one of my last times walking without agenda.
 I continued on my way to meet Hailey for dinner at Yami(Sorry Sweet Ginger, you have been replaced!) and it was both bizzare and great to be able to have a typical sushi date like the millions we enjoyed throughout high school, but at the same time be all the way in Prague. We then went to meet both of our groups at the beer garden for the World Cup final! So excited about Germany, I cannot wait to be there in less than a week! 

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