Friday, July 18, 2014

Closing Thoughts:Prague

The last day. Crazy to think about. Somehow, after only 5 hours of sleep, I woke up completely energized. After 6 weeks of passing it by, I poked inside Pradelna café on my way to the JzP market. Finally, here was the eerie feeling that I did not have another afternoon to spend time here, I had discovered what I discovered and that was that. Still, I felt no regrets, everywhere I had been was just right. I had done Prague right. It was a good feeling. Coming full circle, I finally was able to go to the stand I had seen and passed by my very first day in Prague. Since then, I had regretted not trying one of these natural, homemade granola bars that had caught my eye. I had tried every Friday to make my way there, but neither I or the stand could coordinate and it had not happened. On my last day, there it was. I explained this to the vendor, who threw in an extra snack J For the final time, I found my eggs, my tomatoes, my apricots, my coveted dried fruit, and I walked away from one of the most homey places I had created for myself here. So sad! Running some errands, I decided to finish my blogs at Muj Salek Kavy, which had been a last minute find but a wonderful one, and was exactly where I wanted to spend my last afternoon. Now, sitting in the back corner against the painted brick wall that is so characteristic of this place, eating a fantastic salad with Czech apricots and Czech turkey, listening to “Dancing in the Moonlight” oddly play through the room, bent over my computer and journal, this somehow feels like it is the perfect exemplary sliver of my time in Prague. This city has been so perfectly quirky for me. The weird art and the misplaced pop music. Edgy people and granola ones, adorable Czech friends.  The bright coffee shops and breakfast. The literarni kavarnas which are more suited for wine, writing a novel or reading one. The authentic, no nonsense Czech pubs, and the opposite response that can be found in the countless veg places with their kooky green décor. The views and the parks, surrounding the city, everywhere, made for meeting with friends and just appreciating life. This place has given me so much, and I am forever grateful. I could not imagine a better place to study abroad and I will be incredibly sad to leave in the morning. Ahoj Praha, you will definitely be missed.

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