Monday, June 30, 2014

Prague Chillin

Tuesday was a school and errand kind of day without much to report. The main things of note are a wonderful early dinner on the river at Grosettos with Claire, Olivia, Julie and Steph, as well as some of the best dessert I have ever had in my life at SWEET Secret of Raw, the sister restaurant in Prague 2 to my second home next door. Made of completely raw products, both the chocolate torte and lavender cheesecake were like nothing I had ever had before! However, the best part of the day came shortly after, as Claire, Claire, Olivia, Julie and I decided to finally try a true Zizkov pub. Lesson of the Day: Go out like a local Along the Vitkov running path is one pub in particular that looked fantastic.
 With a giant back porch that resembles a roofless treehouse and exuding a truly Czech atmosphere it seemed like a great spot for a nice night. Walking in from the path along the back of the porch, we stepped down into a crowded porch with Czechs lining long wooden tables, Pilsner in hand. One table in particular was set in between two trees, with four other tree stumps as the chairs and “crochet graffiti” crawling up the trees. Heading inside to order drinks, Julie and I entered a smoky den with an older crowd, assumingly all Czech. The bartender had a white pixie haircut with a giant pink streak accompanied by a bald man with a huge beard - classic Zizkov. The room was SO old, and the bathrooms were covered in graffiti with rather..interesting…signs to explain which one was for which gender. However, it was a warm and relaxing place, and wonderful to sit outside and hang! 

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