Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cesky Krumlov!

Czech army tanks?
Rise and shine! Another thing, besides a good breakfast, to actually wake me up in the morning is a trip! So at 7:45 I rolled out of bed and right onto the charter bus, conveniently located across the street from our apartment, and headed to Cesky Krumlov. Lesson of the day: Get outta town. I knew very little about Cesky Krumlov except for the fact tht there was a castle. It ended up being one of the most beautiful small towns I had ever seen. (Also, it is worth it to note that on our way there we essentially ran into the entire Czech army) Upon arrival, we went to a great viewpoint and learned a little bit about the town as a whole. Breaking for lunch, Claire, Olivia and I found a vegetarian restaurant thanks to Nicoles suggestion. 

“It’s by the main bridge, it has hummus on the menu, and the guy working there has shaggy blonde hair and looks like hes on something”….okay yeah that sounds like somewhere we can find? In actuality, it was actually great directions and we found both the crazy waiter and hummus immediately! Watching the kayakers go by on the river, we had a very relaxing lunch on the water. Afterwards, we went on the castle tour. This castle was very different from ones I had seen in the past, either in the UK or southern Europe. It definitely had more 
of a “Frozen” feel, with big dark wooden pillars, darker furniture, and less ornate. The most characteristic aspect of it was that they keep bears on the premises (and feed them bagettes, which is weird) and as these bears die they become rugs all over the castle. While odd, and extremely sad, it very much adds to the stereotype of a central European castle. I loved Cesky and would definitely recommend it to anyone! 

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