Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Copenhagen Day 1

View from the top of the tower!
After a wonderful visit of the Copenhagen crew to Prague, I finally made my way to visit them in Denmark! I had absolutely no expectations for the city. I knew nothing about it, except that Vanderbilt loves sending kids there, and wLesson of the day: VISIT PEOPLE! I was lucky to have all of my best friends in one place, but just in general, it is nice to be the follower and have tour guides who are also college age, studying abroad, and know whats up in their city. It was nice to take a break from researching things to do, figuring out directions, or just planning in general. I got in around lunch time, coming up from the Metro to hear Munt scream “D!!!” across the street. I yelled out a very American “HELLO COPENHAGEN!” and ran to meet her and Colleen. We had AMAZING salads at CafĂ© Pauldan and caught up about everything that had happened since we last saw each other. Afterewards, we met up with Adam and other kids from their dorm and headed to Christiania.
I was beyond excited for this, which I had found on a buzzfeed earlier in the year and continued to keep note of. Christiania is a commune that is separate from Copenhagen, Denmark, and even the EU (made note of by the sign as you leave saying “you are now entering the EU”. I find the entire concept, as well as the laws, of Christiania really interesting, but in short, it is a very “hippie” type of place that preaches love, anti-violence, expression of art, etc. I was also unaware of the giant, beautiful tower that is right nearby, and it was great to climb to the very top of the outdoor spiral staircase. Later that day, Colleen and I
The tower we climbed!

went to grab food and I learned that Danes love LICORICE. Clearly, I should be Danish (well, minus the whole tall and blonde thing) as I sampled every type of gummy, candy, and even ice cream that I possibly could without being made fun of for my taste in candy once. That night, we went out together and it was so much fun. Leaving the bar, I was taken aback by the daylight. While the sun rises very early in Prague as well, this was much earlier and much brighter. Melissa, Adam, myself, and a few others headed to the Happy Wall where Munt and I took this picture for our friends from school. We finished the night sitting on the canal, watching the sun fully rise.  Its official, I love Copenhagen! 

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