Friday, July 18, 2014

The Wall and the Sun

FINALS….yikes. I’m sure they went fine, but definitely put a damper on the day. After the first, I found myself with 3 hours to kill before the next. Julie and I decided to sneak in some fun, and it was awesome. First, the John Lennon wall. I am so jealous of Julie’s idea and wish DC had something fun and quirky (obviously not)  that I could have contributed. In Austin, there is a wall with graffiti “I love you so much!” that is a popular place to take pictures. Julie decided to replicate this on the John Lennon wall and it looked great. I had spent the past day contemplating whether I wanted to write something or not. It had become a pet peeve of mine when big groups of tourists all went and signed the wall. That is not what it is about, and doing that just detracts from the true meaning and powerful messages that belong there. Still, I felt after 6 weeks, I wanted to add something. Everything seemed too cheesy or selfish. As Julie painted, I walked along the wall, looking for writings I liked. As I walked, it literally hit me. It was such a strange feeling. As I was walking, thinking about my time in Prague and the backpacking trip I had to come, I began to think of how my time in Prague had added extra strength to my next journey. I knew that after everything that had happened here, my trip would be further enhanced in a way that would not have occurred had I just left directly from the U.S. without this incredible experience. I thought of a quote I had read during my time in Prague, adding even more meaning to me, and found someone with a sharpie. Selecting a small spot between “Whisper words of wisdom, let it be…” and “love is all you need” I added:
            To move, to breath, to fly, to float
            To gain all while you give
            To roam the roads of land remote 
            To travel is to live

Thanks Hans Christian Andersen, this was exactly what I was thinking at this moment, put into words more eloquent than I could ever conjure. Julie then spray painted a giant J+D on the wall, cause obviously were in love, and we laughed and continued walking. It is crazy how we had gone from aimlessly walking everywhere, very confused, to navigating our way literally across the city with ease. We went all the way to JzP for lunch, just because we wanted to. Look at us! Moment Café was a vegan coffeeshop that was listed in the CitySpy Prague map we had picked up when we met Chrissy, and surprisingly, we had not heard of it before. It was fantastic to be able to fit that in, and my salad hit the spot. The café itself was great, with interesting artwork, a cozy atmosphere, and gooood food. I totally recommend the JzP area to anyone visiting Prague. It is beautiful and has way more to offer than one might suspect. We went all the way from Prague 3 to Prague 6 for class, and back to Prague 3 again for naps(more on why later). That night, Bri, Claire, Julie and I left the apartment to meet with ISA for the last time. We were “surprised” by Daniela with a boat cruise! The weather was great and we all hung out as a group for the last time. 

Afterwards, Claire, Olivia, Steph, and I went to Black Angels, which had become a “spot” for Claire and Olivia. This bar, located below the Hotel U Prince in Old Town Square, is far from a tourist trap. With no phones allowed, live piano, and INCREDIBLE drinks, all in a little cave of an underground bar. Sitting at the bar, we watched the bartenders concoct the craziest mixtures. They only as one question, “what do you like?” Olivia responded with “tequila” and I followed suit with “gin, something fresh”, as Steph went with “sweet” and Claire tried out “vodka, slightly sweet”. Every drink was legitimately like a piece of art. They were completely different, exactly to the request, and like nothing I had tried before. The only way I could describe my particular drink was “like a spa”. But seriously it was! The craziest part about this was that all of the drinks were only 7 dollars. Lesson of the day: Skip the shots and the red bull and vodkas, Money is well spent at a place like this. As ridiculous as it sounds, this actually felt like an enriching experience and I was happy to have a last night out to spend time with these friends for the last time.  Coming home, I chained myself to my desk, making a to do list of everything that MUST be completed before I could leave. Finishing all of my tasks promptly at 2:30 AM, I was impressed I had stayed awake and completed everything before my trip! I immediately called Julie. In a wonderful coincidence, she was going to be home soon. At 3:15, we started out for downtown. Who am I?! Working until 3 am and then going out? But, with good reason. We stopped at our favorite Dlouha spots, grabbed some Burrito Loco tacos around 4:30, and headed for the bridge. Julie and I have been talking about the Charles Bridge at sunrise for a longggg time. On our last possible opportunity, we finally did it! It was just as beautiful as imagined, and a perfect way to end our time in Prague. Lesson of the day: SEE SUNRISE. That one is self-explanatory.

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