Sunday, June 29, 2014

How To Spend A Saturday In Prague

There are few things that will get me up in the morning. However, one of them, is the phrase “best breakfast in Prague”.  I made my way back across the river to meet Nicole and Amanda at Café Savoy.  Putting all of my stomach concerns aside, I bit the (sugary, gooey, delicious) bullet and ordered the infamous Café Savoy French Toast. Sometimes you just gotta live a little. It was completely worth it. Hands down the best breakfast of my entire life. With food comas setting in, we walked across the river to take the tram to a fashion market. 
Prague fashion is so weird...
Upon arriving at the tram stop, we noticed a cluster of tents across the street, in particular, a stand selling skirts with foxes on them..? Ok, Prague fashion. We debated catching our tram, but there was a market right in front of us, and we all wanted to see what was there so we screwed our plan and we went. Thank god we did because there were so many wonderful things to see! I finally bought a backpack, (Carrying my computer in my hand to class was miserable) which I had been looking for for about a year and it is perfect and I am in love with it. Found at a small market, handmade, from the Czech republic, I could not have found a better item to carry me through this trip and to use in memory of it afterwards. I have held out on buying almost anything, so I was very happy to have waited for the perfect purchase. Amanda and I also picked up mugs with weiner dogs on them, and I found a cheap journal for  the times I am apart from my computer. In general, this showcased more Prague quirkiness, given oddities being sold as well as the strangest fashion show I have ever witnessed to very slow, music that reminded me of Lana Del Ray crying, paired with smiling models and cheering and all. Super interesting, super eclectic, super Prague.

Leaving the market, we decided we wanted tea, and headed to the famous Café Louvre, a favorite spot of Kafka, Einstein, and more. This is the true, old school, European café, and really reminded me of Paris. I then headed to Namesti Republicky, to grocery shop and catch my tram. There is ALWAYS something happening  in this square, and today the event was 3x3 basketball. Interesting, to say the least, pretty sure Brando could’ve gone 1 on 3 with any team. Pretty sure I could’ve gone 1 on 3 with any team…

That night, I met Nicole and Amanda again for Sleeping Beauty, the ballet. The State Opera house is GORGEOUS and while we were definitely in student-price nosebleeds it was great to see ballet in this part of the world! Dressed up, we went to Bugsys Bar which is notorious for famous guests and unique cocktails . This was the perfect post-ballet hangout. It is still crazy to me how cheap everything is in Prague. This is one of the “fanciest” bars in the city, and I struggled to find a drink over $12, most of them ranged in the $6-8 area. I was surprised to see anything over 100 crowns, as most drinks were about 95, ($4.75) which is a prettyyy sweet standard. Coincidentally, I ran into Julie on the tram! And then headed home.

Lesson of the day: Do what ya want when you wanna. Never in my life have I felt the sort of freedom that we have here. Freedom of time, responsibility, obligations, and so on. Every day, I wake up and feel lucky for the fact that I can do whatever interests me, whether it be a museum exhibit, a market, a bookstore, a café, or even a trip out of town. Therefore, I am trying as hard as I can to squeeze everything I like into this time, but at the same time, this type of freedom is best used with spontaneity, such as a random market, stopping to watch an event, changing plans, and more. While it has by no means been a struggle, learning how to strike this balance has been interesting and definitely a life lesson regarding my need to make plans. I think that it is good for me to have this experience, especially in terms of learning to relax and just go with what happens rather than making things happen.  

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